Belinda Thomas (Bee) – Owner & Head Instructor

Instructs: Puppy, Obedience (all levels), Tricks

How many dogs do you have: 4

What breeds and names? 2 Labradors, Higgins & Gracie, and 2 Beagles; Beans and Bogart. Higgins is is a special needs dog. He was born blind.

What disciplines do or have you worked them in? I have worked all my dogs in advanced level obedience and tricks. I competed in Working Trials with my Labrador, Scout and achieved a CD qualification in Working Trials. I also worked her in Manwork and agility. I achieved Gold Canine Good Citizen with her.

What is your favourite breed ? Labradors. I absolutely love their goofiness. Beagles are a close second.

How long have you been involved in dog training:? I have been training my own dogs since I was a child. I have been involved professionally for close to 20 years.

What made you get involved in dog training? I have always had an interest in training dogs. My very first dog was a Labrador/Maltese cross that I got when I was about 12 years old. I used to watch Barbara Woodhouse on the tellie and would then go and read as many books as I could. As an adult, I then owned a particularly difficult Labrador, named Murphy. He had a few behaviour issues that were uncharacteristic for Labradors after taking him for training, I decided to enrol in an instructor course – mostly to understand some of Murphys strange quirks and find a way to help him. I ended up absolutely loving it, and the rest is – as they say – history.

I am a mom and passionate about teaching children to interact safely with dogs (the dog bite statistic in kids under 12 is scary), and this is how My Family Dog School was created. I want children to attend the classes with their parents and pups so that we can start both them and the pups off on the right footing right at the beginning of their relationship. I can’t imagine not being involved in some way in educating people how to train their dogs in a humane and force-free manner.

Qualifications & Experience: Bee completed a Behaviour and Instructor course, which she passed with merit (over 85% achieved). She has been instructing puppy and obedience classes for close to 20 years and has vast experience in teaching all levels of obedience, including Canine Good Citizen Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. She has attended various seminars on behaviour and training, as well as various Canine First Aid courses. Bee has competed in various disciplines with her own dogs. She served on the Animal Behaviour Consultants Of South Africa committee for 2 years.

Hannah Thomas

Assists: Puppy & Obedience – all levels

How many dogs do you have: 4 (including my moms 2 that think they belong to me)

What breeds and names? 2 Beagles named Beans and Bogart. 2 Labradors that belong to my mom, Higgins and Gracie

What disciplines do or have you worked them in? I have trained all of them up to advanced obedience. I also work my Beagles in agility and have been teaching Higgins, who is blind, to jump a few agility jumps.

What is your favourite breed ? Beagles

How long have you been involved in dog training:? All my life (I’m 12 now). I have been watching my mom teach since I was a baby. When my mom, Bee, started My Family Dog School in 2019, I started helping her in the classes. One day when I’m old enough, I hope to teach classes.

What made you get involved in dog training? Watching my mom teach. Training my own dogs has made my bond with them stronger and I love that I am able to educate other kids to correct way to behave around dogs with what I have learned from my mom.

Qualifications & Experience: I don’t have any formal qualifications at the moment, but when I’m older I’ll be doing all the courses that I can. I have lots of experience from watching and helping my mom with her classes.

Gladman Jafta – Caretaker/Security

Gladman doesn’t own any dogs, but loves them all and he one day wishes he can own a few.

Gladman is one of a team responsible for keeping the church and the grounds well maintained and in working order.

He helps to set everything up for classes for us and keeps an eye on handlers cars while they are in class.