Our goal at My Family Dog School is to create a family friendly environment where the whole family can learn and take part in the training classes. The classes are aimed at training your dog exercises to deal with normal every day experiences and to become a well rounded individual.

We currently offer puppy and a beginner obedience class, and will be expanding to more advanced classes in the near future.

Families are encouraged to attend the classes and children are especially welcome and are encouraged to handle their own dogs. We believe that children need to be taught the correct way to interact with their dogs and this is something that we put a lot of emphasis with any youngsters in our classes. Children under the age of 13 years must be accompanied by an adult in the class.

All our training is done using positive reinforcement methods (food, toys), and lure-reward training.

About Our Instructor

Bee & Murphy relaxing at an obedience competition

Bee is both an experienced instructor and handler. She has completed and passed the Canine Culture Instructor Course and the Canine Culture Behaviour Courses with merit. Bee has been involved instructing for 11 years. She has vast experience in teaching puppy classes, all levels of obedience and all levels of the Canine Good Citizen program (Bronze, Silver and Gold). She has also completed various courses on canine first aid.

Bee & Scout at WODAC
Bee & Scout at a Working Trials competition

Bee currently owns 4 dogs, (2 Labradors and 2 Beagles). She has trained her dogs in various disciplines, including agility, manwork, working trials, and taken her dogs through various levels of obedience. Although her Labrador, Scout, is now retired, she competed in obedience, working trials and breed shows with her and has competed in obedience and breed shows with her Beagles.